Who is Tara L. Jackson?


My yoga practice started back in 2006 when I wanted to achieve a split.  As a Boston native, I got my bearings at Boston Sports Clubs.  However, in time my interest grew from achieving only one pose to my overall physical fitness.  I began searching and seeking, trying to gain more insight regarding yoga and finding new locations to practice.  Once I stopped practicing yoga in the gym and switched to studio settings that’s when my interest turned into a passion and I knew I wanted to pursue teaching.

Graduating Boston Yoga School in Summer 2014, I now help students focus on developing their yoga practice, as well as honing my own. For me it’s not about the ability to spring into a handstand but to become grounded through each posture using the breath and connecting from within. In Winter 2015 I achieved my Kids Asana certification and taught various children classes aging from 2 years old to teenage years.


Constantly with pen and paper in my youth I would write plays and short stories. I started my first blog back in 2013 about one of my favorite topics: food.  Invisible Potbelly was created and I took off on a mouth water adventure that didn’t just cover Boston but I’d blog internationally.

Taking a break from blogging, in 2018 I put my focus in creating “Your Asana: A Writing Journal” where yogis can track their relationships with their yoga practice.

In 2020 I revamped Invisible Potbelly and PlaneTastebuds was born.  Currently I write easy recipes that anyone can replicate at home.


Nothing beats departing Logan airp ort and arriving in destination X.  I’ve been fortunate to travel to 21 countries and although the pandemic slowed me down, I plan to pick back up on exploring soon. My plan for 2022 is to vlog about my travel experiences, from backpacking, to tourism, adversity, and beyond.  Get ready for a journey, no passports required.

If you have any questions, want to collab or beyond please contact Tara at: info@taraljackson.com


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